Ohio Class, Ballistic Missile Nuclear Powered Submarine, USS Kentucky SSBN737

Table Of Contents:


Dive! Subject:


Project Description & History
Submarine Communications Equipment (SSN & SSBN)
Submarine History, 1580 - 2000
Dive Theory, Live Scale Technology
Dive Theory, Model Submarine Technology
The Real Ohio Family, Specifications & Cut-away
The Model's Specifications
General Info, Building Or Buying?

Scratch Building, Electronics & Mechanical:

On / Off, Charge Plug & Battery Configuration
Dive System & Ballast Tank
Pressurized Air System, Monitoring, Regulating, Tank & Valves
Navigational Lights
Water Intrusion Alarms
Fail-Safe's & System Indicators
PCB & R/C Stuff w. Details, Pictures & Data
Remote Control Configuration / Radio Range
WTC 1, Housing R/C Stuff & Batteries
WTC 2, Housing The Valves & Electronics
MBT, Main Ballast Tank <--- Updated!!
Hull:   Initial Considerations Of Scratch Building
Hull:   The Basic Hull. (Aft, middle & bow)
Hull:   Splitting The Hull, & Fitting Bulkheads
Hull:   Sail, Control Surfaces, Propeller & Bow Thruster
Hull:   The Missile Deck, Bollards & Emergency buoy
Hull:   Attaching Missile Deck, Sail & Towed Array Housing
Hull:   Mounting / Connecting The Control Surfaces
Hull:   Periscopes, Antennas, Radar & Smoke Stack
Hull:   Engraving The Hull, Fitting Closing Mechanism
Hull:   Painting The Hull & Fitting Markings
Corrosion control using zink. <--- New!!
Constructing The Floatation & Weights
Where Does Everything Go, Trimming Considerations?
Building A Stand For Your Model


Important Operating Instructions & Check-List
Add-on's, Things You Might / Might Not Include
Component Pin-Out's & Data Sheets
Pressure Calculation & WTC's
Picture Gallery & Sound Effects
Submarine Related Links

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