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  In the press and at fairs..

A large portion of the fun with model building is the "show-factor"! I attend fairs every now and again, and have been published as well.
This page will show a few highlights from fairs, trade shows, exhibitions, and appearances in the press and media.

(Newest first)

  December 2012:
An article in the magazine called "Lastbil Magasinet", December 2012 featuring my custom Scania and flatbed!

The article is in Danish, and can be read here: Read PDF

  November, 2012.
Model fair in "Valby Hallen", Copenhagen.
Two rc model truck clubs attended this hobby trade fair, and here I am seen visiting the club from Copenhagen.

  October, 2012:
A visit to "Drivhuset" in Roskilde, and the final event for the year.
A LOT of people showed up a little later, so I did not get any more pictures. Everybody want's to talk, and so do I!

  May, 2012.
A visit to "Drivhuset" in Roskilde, and the big model town. Also attending was Tommy with his beautiful royal blue Scania, one of the very few models that inspired me to join this hobby!

The small bed on my Scania can be detached, don't worry! :-)